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March 5


09:00 - 09:15      Opening Session

F1. Opening Address

Koichiro Tanaka (Kyoto University)


09:15 - 11:15      Session 1 (THz communication & Semiconductor device 1)

Chair: Koichiro Tanaka (Kyoto University)

F2. "IC, Module, and Sytems Design for 100-300GHz MIMO Communications"
      Mark Rodwell (UCSB)
F3. "Key challenges of THz Communications for 6G Era"
      Ho-Jin Song (POSTECH)
F4. "Laser-free Fully-electronic Generation and Detection of Broadband THz Pulses"
      Aydin Babakhani (UCLA ECE)
F5. "GaN HEMT Scaling for High-Frequency and High-Power Applications"
      Keisuke Shinohara (Teledyne Scientific & Imaging)


11:15 - 12:15      ACCEL Project   Poster Session    [JST ACCEL] (Zoom links & PDF files are listed on the linked page)

Chair: Takashi Arikawa (Kyoto University)


12:15 - 13:15      Lunch    [Lunch spot]


13:15 - 14:15      Lab. tour on Kyoto University

Tour guide: Takashi Arikawa, Yuta Inose (Kyoto University)


14:15 - 16:15      Session 2 (THz communication & Semiconductor device 2)

Chair: Tadao Nagatsuma (Osaka University)

F6. "InP-based Tera-Hertz-IC Fabrication Process Technologies for Beyond 5G/6G System"
      Takuya Tsutsumi (NTT)
F7. "Recent Progress of Resonant-Tunneling-Diode THz Emitters"
      Masahiro Asada (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
F8. "THz CMOS Phased-Array Transceiver for 6G"
      Kenichi Okada (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
F9. "THz communication and instrumentation using photonic devices in the 300 GHz band"
      G. Ducournau (IEMN)


16:15 - 16:30      Break


16:30 - 18:30      Session 3 (Sensing and imaging)

Chair: Hiroaki Minamide (RIKEN)

F10. "Development of 300 GHz walk-through body scanner for the security-gate application"
      Chiko Otani (Riken)
F11. "Frequency modulated (sub-)terahertz imaging systems and their applications"
      Fabian Friederich (Fraunhofer Institute)
F12. "Applications of THz time-domain spectroscopy"
      Martin Koch (University of Marburg)
F13. "CMOS Dielectric sensors and Their Applications Created by Terahertz Spectroscopy Research"
      Yuichi Ogawa (Kyoto University)


19:00 -        Banquet (Onsite) [banquet is cancelled]


March 6


09:00 - 09:45      Keynote Talk 1

Chair: Chiko Otani (RIKEN)

S1. "Industrial Deployments of Photoconductive THz Systems"
      Irl Duling (Luna Innovations, Inc.)


09:45 - 12:00      Session 4 (THz system and others)

Chair: Iwao Hosako (NICT)

S2. "Physical Layer Security in Terahertz Wireless Links"
      Daniel M. Mittleman (Brown University)
S3. "Recent Developments in Schottky Diode Based THz Instrumentation"
      Jeffrey Hesler (Virginia Diodes, Inc)
S4. "Substrateless terahertz integrated platform: low-cross-talk waveguide crossing"
      Withawat Withayachumnankul (The University of Adelaide)
S5. "Research and Development toward ALMA Upgrades"
      Yoshinori Uzawa (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan)


12:00 - 13:00      Lunch    [Lunch spot]


13:00 - 14:00      ACCEL Project   Poster Session    [JST ACCEL] (Zoom links & PDF files are listed on the linked page)

Chair: Yuta Inose (Kyoto University)


14:00 - 15:45      Keynote Talk 2 + Panel Discussion (Japanese session)

Chair: Koichiro Tanaka (Kyoto University), Masayuki Fujita (Osaka University)

S6. "Road to Tera-Photonics - Progress and Prospects - テラフォトニクスへの道"
      Hiromasa Ito (Riken)
S7. Panel Discussion


15:45 - 16:00      Break


16:00 - 18:00      Session 5(Semiconductor device 3)

Chair: Akira Satou (Tohoku University)

S8. "Quantum cascade laser sources based on intra-cavity difference-frequency mixing:

            the challenge of outcoupling efficiency"
      Mikhail Belkin (Technical University of Munich)
S9. "Sub-THz circuits in advanced SiGe:BiCMOS technologies for communication and sensing"
      Mohamed Hussein Eissa (IHP GmbH)
S10. "Low-Noise Terahertz-Wave Detector: Fermi-Level Managed Barrier Diode"
      Hiroshi Ito (Kitasato University)
S11. "Field-effect transistors as detectors of THz radiation: Sensitivity, frequency coverage,

            and their application for coherent detection in Fourier imaging and s-SNOM nanoscopy"
      Hartmut Roskos (Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität


18:00 - 18:10      Closing Session

S12. Closing Address

Koichiro Tanaka (Kyoto University)